Providing unlimited hosting opportunities

At ComX Networks we come to work every day and try to improve the industry we work in one small step at a time with our extensive knowledge in software development, Networking and hosting Infrastructure with the use of open source technologies.

Our goal is to change the way people and businesses think about IT Services companies and provide the best possible services to all of our clients ranging from Managed SLA agreements, Infrastructure solutions, Hosting, Internet Services and Consulting with a personalised touch and by enabling our clients to deal with real people who continuously work on creating better and more affordable solutions without losing quality.

We do this by continuously developing the platforms that we have set in place to deliver services to clients as well as services that enable clients to assess our services so that we are able to keep the services we offer on the bleeding edge.

With this very business model and mindset of our employees ComX Networks has grown from a Small IT Services company operating out of a tiny room to a fully compliant ISP and Managed Services provider in Stellenbosch. We are focused on providing Wireless and fibre to the home services as well as providing Infrastructure solutions for Estates, apartment blocks and large residential villages where we cover all IT related aspects from CCTV Networks, Aggregated or Single mode fibre Infrastructure, Network Infrastructure and Internet Services with our personal touch of innovation for every clients needs and experience they want to deliver to their residents.